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 Is Beckham good?

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PostSubject: Is Beckham good?   Sat Jul 21, 2007 12:21 am

For those of you who have just emerged from a coma, welcome back and here's a newsflash: David Beckham has arrived in the US to join the MLS's LA Galaxy as a force of good and a messenger of soccerball! He is expected to bring LA Galaxy a complete makeover and moral boost to the team players who are longing to fulfil their dream of winning the MLS with Beckham. When being introduced one of Becks' new Galaxy team-mates joked that he didn't recognise him, such had been the dearth of build-up and hype surrounding his arrival. But one thing is still questionable: Is Beckham worthy of winning the MLS for LA Galaxy? This strange doubt lingers in the air as Beckham attempts to follow his dream...

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Is Beckham good?
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